Maternal Child Health

Maternal Child Health Services are offered throughout the Health Department to all pregnant women, infants, young children and their families. A key focus of the program is the delivery of services in the home setting by public health nurses and paraprofessionals. Instead of having to pack up your infant/young child and hope you can keep them occupied in yet another office visit, we come to see you! There is no charge for these services; however, Oregon Health Plan may be billed for some services.

Our staff can:

  • Answer questions about keeping you and your child healthy and when to see the doctor
  • Show you ways to help your child grow and learn
  • Help you learn what your child is telling you before he/she can talk
  • Help you make your home and car safer for your child
  • Work with you to solve problems that affect your family's health
  • Guide you through the process of getting health care and/or applying for the Oregon Health Plan

Our programs include:
  • Maternity Case Management
  • Babies First!
  • Healthy Families

To participate, please call 541-889-7279 and ask for a home visitor

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